The Vélopolitaine company is a start-up created in January 2024 to respond to the issues of cycling mobility, cultural, tourism and eco-responsible sports innovations. Vélopolitaine is developing the rolling', a bicycle-mobile tool for tourism, cultural and sports mediation.

Vélopolitaine is a multidisciplinary team bringing together urban planners, landscapers, engineers, architects and designers specialized in cycle mobilities

Vélopolitaine supports public and private operators to develop a reasoned bicycle policy at all scales: from the development of the large territory to the design of the puncture-proof tire.

#Bicycle, Urbanism & landscape

enhance the crossed territories

connect cities but also existing nature and leisure areas (parks, castles, woods, orchards, educational farms...).
carte plan de mobilités (PDM)

We study the adaptation and transformation of existing networks and, if necessary, we recommend the creation of engineering structures to overcome certain urban cuts related to motorways or railways. Mapping of cycling facilities.

#Bicycle, Architecture & design

arrange and equip

design, innovation of use and consultation with citizens.

Drawing and realization of mobile and immobile objects. Development of covered parking (hoops and bicycle shelters), construction of bicycle silos. Catalog solutions adapted to the field or custom design. Technical and security consideration. Integration into the design of uses and flows but also of the soil and basements. Valorization of urban identity.

Discover The Rolling', our bike-drawn kiosk.

#Bicycle & Mechanical engineering

search and develop

innovative technical solutions in the field of cycling.

3D design, meshing, structural calculation (static, dynamic and vibratory), definition drawing, rapid prototyping in 3D printing (plastics, metal, alumide).

#Bicycle Workshop


small series unique models mechanical tests.

Creation of functional prototypes made with materials conforming to the series (machined, injected, laser cutting) Realization of small and medium series.
Test bed in collaboration with approved organizations like CRITT.

Our team

Sarah Bitter

President, DPLG architect and associate lecturer at ENSA Paris-Malaquais

Sarah Bitter uses an electrically power assisted bicycle (EPAC) on all her professional and personal trips in Grand Paris. She runs the architecture and design agency Metek, which she co-founded in 2004. For 5 years, Metek has been studying and carrying out innovative projects combining cycling, architecture and design. For the development of The Rolling Design House, a mobile kiosk towed by an electric bicycle, Metek benefited from the Innovation Tax Credit and the support of the BPI. Winning project of the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial in 2019, the first two prototypes were respectively acquired by the Louvre-Lens in 2020 and the Versailles Tourist Office in 2023. The Rolling Design house is also a cultural programming and consultation tool serving private and public institutions.

Didier Biron

General manager, CNAM engineer and member of the Trévoloise Cyclist Association

Didier Biron worked for 18 years at Renault in the design of engines, at the same time he created his own design office in 2003 (BET Biron) specialized in innovative products in the field of cycling: puncture-proof bicycle wheels, oil bath hubs, carbon and dyneema rims. This researches interested the bicycle manufacturer Time with whom he worked for 5 years and he is currently developing with the tire manufacturer Continental a new puncture-proof wheel based on a concept of composite adaptable structures, without modification, to commercial rims. Bet Biron is also contacted very regularly by Smovengo to find technical solutions (studies and manufacturing) for the maintenance of the Velib fleet.

Christophe Demantké

Innovation Director, DESA architect and designer

Christophe Demantké practices cycling on a daily basis in intermodality. Project manager for 13 years within the architecture and design agency Metek, he has been developing research and innovation for 5 years. Christophe Demantké is particularly interested in the technical characteristics of soils: permeability, durability, adhesion, acoustics, porosity, albedo effect. Between foresight and operational projects, Christophe Demantké studies the reactivation of the frontage (the land between the base of a façade and the roadway) so that curb management integrates not only uses, but also the ground, urban design and all mobility.

Vélopolitaine carries out all prospective and operational studies related to bicycle mobility: historical research of routes, urban and landscape feasibility, master plan for bicycle facilities, employer mobility plan (PDM), master plan for bicycle staking, design of a visual identity of the bike plan, urban design, cultural programming, awareness and consultation.

Vélopolitaine with its partners implements the complete operational self-service bike system (bike, stations, maintenance).

Vélopolitaine is a team of professionals committed to ensuring that all cycling mobility (mechanical cycles, electric, cargo ships, cargo bike, scooters and intermediate vehicles) develop as daily transport, logistics, sports and tourism. The bike plan is certainly a major challenge facing global warming and to decarbonize our environment, but it is above all a magnificent hope for thinking, transforming and redesigning our cities of today and tomorrow.

Our consultant

Vincent Lahache

Vincent Lahache

Consultant, Landscape designer DPLG

The ephemeral, the horizon and the plants constitute the moving spine of Vincent Lahache. The movement permeates his professional practice and his career. If the landscape is the heart of his development from 2004, dance played a central place in his life (choreographer and performer between 1992 and 2004). He mixes practices by regularly creating bridges and dialogues between dance and landscape and more generally arts and landscape. He co-founded the Plastique Danse Flore festival with Frédéric Seguette. He was responsible for the Nature and gardens service for the commune of Charenton-le-Pont, the landscaped areas of Parc Rousseau in Ermenonville and the ecological and educational garden “Les Jardins Passagers” located within the Parc de la Villette in Paris.

Daniel Jauslin

Consultant, landscape architect (PhD MSc ETH SIA) and teacher at ENSAP Versailles

Daniel Jauslin divides his time between Zurich and Marly-le-Roi, where he is as much a city dweller as a happy suburban cyclist. Since 1999, he has managed the DGJ Landscapes agency, specializing in infrastructure and public space projects in France and Switzerland from 2011. The latest notable projects are the design of the University of Paris-Est Créteil and the cycle bridges projects in Zurich and Saint-Gall. Since his years of doctoral studies at TU Delft and UR Wageningen in the Netherlands, soft mobility accessibility has been at the heart of his practice and his academic research. In 2022, Daniel attended the Copenhagenize Masterclass in Paris.

Bas Koppers

Consultant, landscape engineer (BSc) Van Hall-Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in Velp, NL

Bas Koppers is Dutch, so he is a natural cyclist! Since 2014, he has designed inclusive public spaces for cyclists and safe cycle paths. He is heavily involved in consultations with local residents; for example, he organized the process for the implementation of the new cycle section between the city of Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Parisian since 2020, he joined DGJ Landscapes in 2023 where he puts his Dutch expertise into prospective and operational cycling projects that combine infrastructure and landscape.

References and clients



Mobile kiosk

The Rolling', mediation tool for cycling policy

Project Manager : Vélopolitaine (Metek + BET Biron)
Client : Versailles Grand Parc Tourist and Convention Office

► The Rolling' is a showcase, an office, a bookstore, a display counter, a signal, a welcoming place, a rallying and meeting point.
► The Rolling' is equipped with inertia brakes and can travel for kilometers on the road towed by an electrically assisted bicycle.
► The Rolling' is a zero-emission vehicle made from recyclable materials manufactured in France.



Bicycle bridge

Saint-Gall, Swiss

PM : Vélopolitaine (DGJ Landscapes) + Basler & Hofmann Engineers, nau2 Architects
Client : Aurora, Canton and City of St Gall, SENN Developement
Phase : Bidding
Competition winner

logo ville-de-st-galllogo SENNlogo canton-de-st-gall
► "Unterer Graben" connects the UNESCO Historic Site St Gallen through St Mangen's Park to HSG University
► The elevated path becomes a panoramic walk through varied spatial sequences: urban district, park, exiting road, parking lot and residential district.
► With a total length of approximately 127 m, the route corresponds to the shortest path.
► DGJ Paysages has decided to preserve the monumental park of the twentieth century in the south and to install a trompe l'oeil copy of plants in the north.



Maintenance on the Vélib fleet

Terminals and bicycles

PM : Vélopolitaine (BET Biron)
Client : Smovengo
Phase : Studies and manufacturing

► The intensive use of self-service bicycles requires rapid, innovative, ingenious and economical technical interventions.
► Since 2019, BET Biron has been developing technical solutions (studies and manufacturing) for the maintenance of terminals and all components of mechanical and power assisted bicycle (EPAC).


bike shelters

31 social cycle-housing

Paris 75018

PM : Vélopolitaine proxy (Metek)
Client : Elogie-Siemp
Phase : Finish
Cost : 5,2 M€

► In this housing program, we question the uses: how to access your bike quickly, move around with your bike in common areas without having to handle it in a restrictive manner, have enough space to tinker with or repair your bike.



Bicycle and pedestrian bridge

Zurich, Swiss

PM : Vélopolitaine (DGJ Landscapes) + DSP & Conzett Bronzini Engineers, Knight Architects
Client : City and Canton of Zurich
Phase : Finalist competition

► The new section of the pedestrian and cycle development of districts 4 & 5.
► Connecting the arches of the viaduct, which have become a tourist attraction, with an express cycle route of the cantonal network.
► Networking of green spaces and a new urban experience with a special charm.
► The frame beam is not a formal element. Its strong presence serves as orientation for non-motorized traffic, allows decisive rigidity during use and optimal arrangement of bridge lighting as well as the integration of benches.




Renaturing the cities

PM : Vélopolitaine (Metek)
Client : Faire Paris
Phase : Competition

► Lessphalt is a user guide to help restorers transform parking spaces into parklets with technical, aesthetic and environmental tools.
► Lessphalt is an alternative to layering earth – asphalt – floor covering (wooden decking or synthetic turf) – flowerpot.
► Lessphalt offers a return to the earth according to a concerted protocol for each space used on the terrace.
► Lessphalt helps reduce urban heat islands with planted areas in open ground that are permeable to rainwater.



Puncture-proof wheel

PM : Vélopolitaine (Bet Biron)
Manufacturer : Continental
Phase : Research and prototyping

logo Continental
► A new puncture-proof wheel based on a concept of composite structures adaptable, without modification, to commercial rims.
► A search for technical economy for simplicity of assembly, maintenance and dismantling.